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  • Juurd Eijsvoogel

    Juurd Eijsvoogel

    Journalist NRC Handelsblad, foreign affairs columnist

  • IndraStra


    Latest insights from

  • Shashank Shekhar Rai

    Shashank Shekhar Rai

    #DataAnalytics Also, an armchair philosopher. Thoughts on #Politics, #Democracy, and #Policy. Chelsea Fan #CTID. Proud HOYA!

  • Dr. Wayne F. Lesperance

    Dr. Wayne F. Lesperance

    Political Science professor in #FITN NH, husband, father, bulldog owner, and devoted fan of Th. Jefferson.

  • Peter Kouretsos

    Peter Kouretsos

    M.A. Candidate, SAIS | U.S. Foreign Policy and NatSec | Brooklynite in exile | Born by Greeks, raised by Jesuits | RTs = Things I think are worth RTing

  • Paul Nightingale

    Paul Nightingale

    Deputy Director Science Policy Research Unit (@Sussex) @SPRU, @ResearchPolicy, @ICC Helping journos & SCs with @ESRC funded soc-science

  • Moara Crivelente

    Moara Crivelente

    Political scientist, journalist, focused on international politics and popular struggles (MA Communication of International and Social Conflicts)

  • ALC


    Consulting (environmental, entomology) B.S. Biology M.S. Aquatic bio, Democrat, entomology - Jazz, comedy, no advertisements, Follow = Follow, Tweet = Tweet

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